The train des Mouettes

Do you want to enjoy original experiences during your camping stay in Charente-Maritime? Just 17 km from the Eldapi, board the Train des Mouettes! An authentic steam train that takes you through the Charente countryside, between marshes, forests and oyster beds: a trip back in time that you won’t soon forget!

Stroll on a historic railway in Charente-Maritime

The Train des Mouettes is an authentic 19ᵉ century train running on steam or diesel: it runs on a historic track, once used to transport salt and oysters. Climb aboard an early 20ᵉ car and its 100% wooden decor and let yourself be transported on legendary routes, from Saujon to La Tremblade. The Train des Mouettes offers a unique experience: much more than a simple steam train ride, you can stop off in the villages served by the line: the listed village of Mornac-sur-Seudre, but also Chaillevette, a renowned oyster farming port.

visiteurs traversant le chemin de fer

From the spa town of Saujon to the nature destination of La Tremblade, the Train des Mouettes provides a 21 km link, or 1h15 of riding on a railway opened in 1876. In July and August, two steam locomotives, one of which is a listed historic monument, take turns pulling the restored charming wagons. One dates from 1912 and the other from 1891: it is the oldest locomotive in France still working!

Theme trips by steam train

A real experience out of the ordinary (and out of time!), the Train des Mouettes  trip can take several forms depending on your wishes. The day ticket allows you to organise your trips à la carte, with tailor-made stops: for example, you can embark at Saujon in the early afternoon, stop at Chaillevette to walk to the port of Chatressac and taste oysters, before taking the train back in the late afternoon.

Leaving Saujon or La Tremblade in the late morning, you can also get off at Mornac-sur-Seudre station for a treasure hunt (game available for purchase at the station). The Train des Mouettes association offers a commentary on each journey and a demonstration of train manoeuvres at the station on arrival.

Several thematic trips are organised: the Market Train which takes you to the famous market of La Tremblade, the Loupiotes Train for a night-time discovery of Mornac-sur-Seudre on the evenings of the summer markets, or the Heritage Days Trains with the presentation of several vehicles (diesel and steam locomotives, railcar).

intérieur du train des mouettes

Prices, schedules and practical information

Reservations on the Train des Mouettes website or in the tourist office are recommended in July and August. The ticket is a round trip by default, valid for the whole day. The price is 15 euros per adult and 7.50 euros per child, with a reduced rate for families.

The ticket is free for children under 4 years old. For a round trip from Saujon to La Tremblade (or vice versa), without stopovers, allow 3 hours in total.

You must arrive at the station 20 minutes before the train’s departure. A special car is available for bicycles at no extra cost. Dogs are also allowed on the train, provided they are kept on a leash and are respectful of the premises and passengers.

There are car parks reserved for the passengers of the Train des Mouettes at each station along the route. The route follows the course of the Seudre for 21 km, crossing 69 level crossings.

The train travels at about 30 km/h: an opportunity to admire the landscape at your leisure, from the agricultural plain of Saujon to the Marennes-Oléron basin, passing through the salt marshes of Mornac and the vineyards of Coulonges.

The Train des Mouettes passes through 6 stations between Saujon and La Tremblade, but only two are served: the train stops for 5 minutes at Mornac and Chaillevette.

To discover near the train des Mouettes