Campsites Eldapi near The Coubre Lighthouse in Charente Maritime Atlantic Coast
Monday to Saturday fr. 09h to 19h

Campsite near the Coubre lighthouse


The Coubre lighthouse offers stunning views over the estuary; from Gironde, the Arvert peninsula and the Oléron island.

The La Coubre Lighthouse; a century of history:

This lighthouse commissioned in 1905, of 64 meters high, is located in the Charente-Maritime at the forefront of La Coubre. It secures the entrance to the Gironde estuary. It is the highest lighthouse (300 steps to get to the top) of the Charente coast and it is open for visits.

Adjacent to the forest of La Coubre, the lighthouse is also since 2005 an ecomuseum that allows visitors to get acquainted with the history of lighthouses in the Gironde estuary. Moreover, it is a popular holiday place and in order to fully enjoy, it is best to book a campsite near the La Coubre lighthouse.

The Eldapi Vacances group:

Near the lighthouse you can find two campsites. Indeed, the campground La Ferme and l'Écureuil are located in the town of Saint Augustin sur mer. These two 4-star establishments are the ideal setting to enjoy your holiday in the heart of the Charente-Maritime.

Waterparks for adults and children, various supervised activities and quality services will be enjoyed by you and will make an unforgettable time of your holiday. You can enjoy the sea and the quiet of the nearby located La Coubre forest. Cycling, walking or horse-riding, with friends or family, you'll have a great choice of activities.

A very interesting thing to know is that if you book your holiday in one of the two campsites of the Eldapi group, you can also benefit from all the activities of the second campsite, since they are located only within a few meters of each other and are part of the same group.